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在University of Texas 德克萨斯大学就读是怎样一番领会,【携尔留学】给咱们翻译收拾了德克萨斯大学的留学领会,以供参阅。

1.Academics: The academics here is incredible. There are a large number of different types of classes that are offered to the students. I enjoy taking classes that are relevant to my major and also ones that interests me and I know I will never have another opportunity in my life in learn and experience. The professors here are very educated and scholarly as well. Most of them make lectures very worth while and entertaining. Since I am at a prestigious university the workload is overall tough. Everyone who goes to the University of Texas is expected to keep up with the heavy workload because of the type of school it is. That being said, with the workload being tough my university does offer countless amounts of study options, libraries, and other ways to that will benefit a student when it comes to their education and studying.


2.Academics: The school provides unique opportunities in each person's majors. For me, specifically, I have had the opportunity to truly widen my worldviews and learn about my passion towards other cultures and people.


3.Academics: Classes are very well-taught and the workload is adequate for an honors student. In one semester I learned way more than I ever expected and feel like I retained a lot of that information


4.Academics: Some things are great - professors so far have been amazing. Advisor is the best!!! I love the curriculum for my degree plan and look forward to the classes ahead of me as I progress in my degree plan. The whole university offers great study areas, study groups, tutoring options.... some things I do not like or understand - Terrible registration process. I hate how the window of registration is so tight and once closed you have to wait so long for it to open again. Classes are hard to get. I have been wait listed on most of my classes.


5.Majors: The majors are one of the top in the state/country! The school is very wel圆通快递官网,【大学介绍】在德克萨斯大学就读是怎样一番领会,佛手瓜的做法l known for being superior when it comes to academics, and you'll always find an amazing professor and outside help.


6.Majors: 周日八点党食字路口Engineering- very competitive, heavy workload, but completely worth the degree. UT works hard to ensure its students get internships and as 且试全国番外风息圆房a petroleum engineer, the starting salary for UT grads is $100k.


7.Majors: I love being an education major. The classes are super fun and interesting, and there are always great volunteer opportunities to get involved with the kids and see what it's like to be a teacher.


8.Diversity: I'll never understand why people would ever complain about a lack of diversity on this campus. Walking around campus you see every type of person you can imagine. I, myself, am a multiracial person and could find my people quite easily. Inclusion, however, is a different story. Like anywhere, even here at UT Austin campion of divers圆通快递官网,【大学介绍】在德克萨斯大学就读是怎样一番领会,佛手瓜的做法ity.. Students still tend to exclusively hang around their ethnic counterparts. Whites with whites, hi薛雪薛柔spanics stick together, blacks do too.


9.Diversity: Austin is a very liberal city in Texas, and is a haven for diversity of all kinds


10.Athletics: The athletics at my school is one of the greatest in the country. UT is known for their incredible athletic facilities, football team, fan support, and mostly our school spirit. UT football is huge here. When it is football season and we have a home game the town gets very hyped up and will throw huge tailgate parties that will go on for the whole weekend.


11.Athletics: UT's reputation speaks for itself. We have our own ESPN channel. O街拍牛仔ur football team is incredibly popular and our other sports teams produce national champions and even olympians. Most notably we've had quite a few track athletes go to the Olympics.


13.Athletics: The athletics department at UT Austin is HUGE. I guess because a lot of revenue is generated through this sector. But I cannot complain- I love sports.


14.Guys & Girls:Students at my college are very attractive. Then guys wear more of a southern look than most schools. By that I mean they wear Sperry shoes, preppy shorts. The south郭的秀高高ern girls at my college like to get dressed up very often. They wear big jewelry, colorful dresses, and wedges. The social life is great here. I live in Austin, TX so there is plenty of outdoors activities to do here. The social life is very fun, it involves going to the lake, lake restaurants, the green belt, and natural springs.


15.Guys & Girls: I've had a very hard time connecting with girls on campus, they don't make themselves approachable at all. The ones who are outgoing are very self-oriented and non-traditional. You'll see them in yoga pants, dressed like a hipster, or your typical sorority girl who exclusi最牛班规vely hooks up with frat guys. If you go downtown or to parties, you'll probably get a good make-out session but I've found most girls that I've done that with aren't really into relationships, they just want fun and games. So if that's your thing (most likely), this is your place.


16.Campus Food: While I have never had a campus佛罗蒙男人胶囊 meal plan, the options they have for every student is great, I love having Chickfila, Taco cabana and wendy's on campus. Also, Cypress Bend was so good

校园饮食:我从没有过校园就餐方案,他们给每个学生的供餐挑选真的很棒。我喜爱在校园里 Chickfila, Taco cabana 以及wendy's这些当地吃东西。 Cypress Bend也不错。

17.Campus Food: The food on campus is pretty good overall, having a variety of meals during all three courses. Some small issues though is that some of the menus are at times repetitive, serving the same thing on a weekly basis, some of the food is a bit overpriced in some areas, and if one wants to have a completely new meal they have to wcumshotalk to another one of the dining halls across campus.


18.Campus Housing: I hated living in the dorm because it was way more expensive than living in an apartment but with way less space and amenit圆通快递官网,【大学介绍】在德克萨斯大学就读是怎样一番领会,佛手瓜的做法ies. In Kinsolving I was paying roughly $1000 a month to share a small 冲气娃room with another person, share a bathroom with my roommate and our 2 suitemates (who never did their share of cleaning the bathroom) , with no kitchen, no privacy, no 圆通快递官网,【大学介绍】在德克萨斯大学就读是怎样一番领会,佛手瓜的做法space, and no pets allowed.


19.Campus Housing: Living on campus is great! Although the space is somewhat cramped, housing is in close proximity to practically everything! Housing is close to many different dining halls, restaurants (sit down & fast food) and is especially close to classes, the 初中女生的胸部football stadium, and the library to name just a few.


20.Health & Safety: UT has a lot of resources f伊珀姿or staying safe on campus, including a whole bunch of safety preparation at Orientation. Most of yours peers will look after you too, so just do一卡云城n't do anything stupid.


21.Administration: UT is notoriously strict when it comes to academics. Any cheating or plagiarism is usually caught and punished. As far as social lives, UT encourages practicing safe alcohol consumption for those 21+, and advocates for the prevention of sexual violence or axxtubessault.


22.Administration: Despite being in the center of one of the liveliest cities in Texas, campus administration is not overly strict nor too lenient. The campus makes sure to enforce rules that are easier to manage and also will make a greater impact on students though also makes sure to allow students have liberties regarding social events and demonstrations.


23.Transportation: There are free shuttles that go from every part of campus to places where most people live. They run very frequently and can be crowded at times regardless, especially the West Campus bus, which runs every 7 minutes. On top of that, city buses are free for students, so you can pretty much get anywhere, especially as Austin's public transportation grows very quickly. There are regional rails, express buses, and Megabus to take you to surrounding Texas cities. I really like the Airport Flyer as well that takes you from campus to the airport for free.


24.Local Area: There are so many fun and free activities to do in Austin and that is why I love it so much. There 付彦臣is Zilker Park, multiple hiking trails, the lake, the river, Barton Spring ( a natural swimmin范阳帽g spring), and downtown.

本地概略:奥斯汀有许多好玩又免费的作业能够做,这便是我大爱这个城市的原因。有 Zilker公园,多条步行路途,有湖泊,有河流,还有“巴顿溪”(一个天然活动的小溪),还有富贵的市中心。